Translucency and lightness are the main features of Bencore panels collection, combined with
stiffness and design make the Bencore doors and walls systems unique.
FOS is a collection of doors, walls, walk-in closets for residential, public and professional spaces.
The frame of FOS doors and walls have been designed in collaboration with Ponzio Aluminium, leader in aluminum systems for architecture.
Frames available in a wide range of colors and finishing easily fit any dimensional requirement
of the spaces to be divided in, giving project freedom and easy installation.
FOS doors and wall can fit any project requirement.
Supplied also as single module, the wall and the sliding door can vary in height
from 2100mm up to 3000mm in single element without joints or transom window.
Easy to install, FOS doors and walls can be adapted to existing walls in other materials
(masonry, wood, gypsum-board), or installed at floor-to-ceiling height up to 3000mm as a standard.

FOS 45

FOS φως from ancient greek light.

Translucency and lightness are the main features of the Bencore panels collection and combined with stiffness and design make this door unique.
The light-weight and stiffness of Bencore panels made it possible to reduce the aluminum profile section.
Single swing door, with profiles cut at 45°. Adjustable subframe. Hinges at sight.