ALUBEN™ is a composite panel made with a honeycomb core in Polycarbonate and two Aluminum layers 5/10 mm thick, treated with primer for Polyurethane adhesives.
ALUBEN™ is used to support high-quality materials as thin marble, granite, stone, wood or other thin cladding material to get stiffness and stability without increasing the load.
ALUBEN™ can be used as a structural element for risen-floors to support floor claddings and under-layers or insulating materials. Thanks to its low flame-spread characteristic (RINA certificate) ALUBEN™ can be used on board to build floors and inner bulkheads for yachts and boats.

  • Thickness:
  • 20 mm
  • width:
  • 1230 mm
  • length:
  • 3030 mm
  • weight:
  • 6,2 ± 5% KG/m2

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