Hexaben Pixel

HEXABEN Pixel™ is an ultra-light composite panel with a honeycomb aluminum core with 9mm hexagonal cells bonded to translucent Expoxy Fibreglas facings. HEXABEN Pixel™ is a composite panel characterized by a strong technological feature thanks to its honeycomb aluminum core borrowed from higher technological applications such as the aerospace for which this honeycomb core was originally designed. HEXABEN Pixel™ can be used for interiors to realize walls, false ceilings, sliding and pivoting doors. Easy to cut HEXABEN Pixel™ panel can be finished with standard accessories profiles and systems such as frames, handles, hinges.

  • Thickness:
  • 17±1mm
  • width:
  • 1200 +1/-2
  • length:
  • 2420 ±2
  • weight:
  • 4,62

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