Materials distributed by Bencore in Italy

The Kaynemaile™ seamless mesh is based on a traditional European chainmail assembly and produced via a continuous injection moulding process, forming a 3D impact-absorbing structure made up of solid rings with no joins or seams.
The mesh is made from a recyclable self-extinguishing, fire resistant and UV stabilized high-spec polycarbonate making it virtually impossible to scratch or damage. It is easy to handle on site with no special protection required and will not rust in corrosive environments.
Our patented manufacturing process unlimited sheet sizes/dimensions, using a wide range of UV stabilized colours, resulting in a clean monolithic look and a faster more a¬ffordable installation.
We use stainless steel hardware and components, so our solutions won’t corrode; the seamless mesh structure won’t go brittle and gives a 20+year expected durability, backed by a 10-year warranty. With only one eighth the embodied energy of equivalent metal meshes, our Architectural Mesh is better for our environment.
Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile™ is 100% recyclable with a nil-waste production method. Its lightweight and compact properties o¬ffer efficient cartage options. Our Architectural Mesh is only 15% the weight of equivalent stainless steel mesh; so it requires less supporting structure and can make significant budget savings.
Because our product is highly flexible, achieving curves and organic forms is super easy, and won’t cost you more than a straight screen

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