Lightben Kaos 3D Black™

Evolution of the original Lightben™ is made with Polycarbonate Black core with cylindrical cells with three mixed diameter sizes bonded to external sheets in PETG in clear colour in both glossy and satin finishes.
Thanks to its unique “pleasantly irregular” aesthetical feature, the light weight and the stiffness, Lightben Kaos 3D Black™ is used in many special indoor applications.
Easy to cut, Lightben Kaos 3D Black™ can be finished with standard profiles and systems such as frames, handles, hinges. Lightben Kaos 3D Black™ can also be edged with the same material and colour used for the external layers.
Moreover, the black core creates an effect where if observed perpendicularly, you can see through. At more than 30° angle you cannot see through at all.

  • Thickness:
  • 21 mm
  • width:
  • 1000 mm
  • length:
  • 3015mm
  • weight:
  • 6,1 - 8,4 KG/m2
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