Sample box

2 sample box options available, Standard and Mini.
The prices are € 44,50 for the Standard box and € 14,50 for Mini box.

Delivery time: approximately 5/7 working days from order date.

The box contains:
  • Starlight™ samples (in standard colors)
  • Lightben™ samples (in standard colors)
  • Hexaben™ samples
  • "Specialities" samples
  • Aluben™ sample
  • Products brochure
The Mini box contains:
  • Starlight™
  • Lightben Kaos™
  • Lightben Plus Cc™
  • Lightben™
  • Hexaben™
  • Hexaben Large™

Sample box

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UE: Sample box cost + shipping cost + IVA (22%)
Extra Ue: sample box cost + shipping cost + (custom duty at your charge)

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