Environmental policy

Bencore®’s priority is to reach a sustainable development and to guarantee the harmony between ecology and business activity. We are determined to respect and safeguard the environment, avoiding or reducing pollution in all our activities.

Bencore® is convinced that the environmental care in business activity is essential to create harmony among people, technology and nature. We want to bring a contribution becoming a leader company also from the point of view of “ecotechnology”. We try to operate in agreement with ecology and environment, the 2 key-words of Bencore® environmental policy.

Aim of the “Environmental Guarantee"

Our program aims at achieving technological and innovative results, placing ecology as maximum priority. We try to reduce the impact on the environment of products and production processes.
To improve the environmental impact, Bencore® invested t in the latest years in the following activities:

  • reduction of energy consumptions
  • policies and procedures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the production
  • waste recycling policy
Bencore® environmental policy and results achieved

In all of our business activities we care of the global environment by promoting environmental preservation strategies.
Bencore® wants to:

1. Contribute to the development of technologies and production processes that follow the main environmental preservation principles
2. Consider the environmental impact when developing new products
3. Reduce the waste quantity and energy consumption

What is Bencore® real contribution to these subjects?

In the latest years we reached the following results:
1. Better manufacturing effciency: Bencore® drastically reduced the scraps, which are recycled, using less quantity of raw material for its manufacturing processes.
2. Less impact on installation: Bencore® panels are structural and reduce the need of using support’s profles: high effciency, less working-time and less waste in case of demolition or replacement.
3.Lightweight, stiffness, translucency and design are the essential features of Bencore® products:
Lightweight - less consumptions - less pollution in shipping
Stiffness - structural (see above point 2.)
Translucency - sunlight reduces the need for artifcial lighting
Respect of European and Italian environmental laws which are among the most rigid worldwide

5. Recycling: at the end of their life, our panels can be entirely recycled (both the Acrylic and the Polycarbonate and SAN sheets)
6. Panels re-usability: our panels can be re-used. A plasterboard or bricks wall when demolished must be entirely thrown away and eventually re-built
7. Promotion of the environmental preservation consciousness among Bencore® staff, through learning activities:

  • 95% suppliers and clients correspondence is by e-mail rather than by fax
  • Use of recycled paper
  • Our brochures, technical sheets and other promotional material is available online
  • Paper for promotional material is made of recycled paper
  • Our Administrative area use last generation software which allows to minimize printed paper use.