Koros – door and wall system

Koros is part of Bencore door/wall systems for the realization of non masonry vertical partitions. It uses an aluminum profile whose metal structure is easily adaptable to the dimensional requirements of the spaces to be divided, ensuring wide design freedom and easy installation.

Koros is customizable with all our iconic composite materials for architecture and is perfect for making any space unique. This door/wall system can be supplied at heights ranging from 2.10 meters up to a maximum of 3 meters for the realization of vertical partitions at full height (therefore without joints or overhead light for the door) or it can also be inserted into an existing wall of other material (masonry, wood or plasterboard).

Available Bencore materials: All
Crystal-Configurazioni Possibili
1) Wall
2) Hinged door with 45° cutting profile
3) Wall and hinged door with 45° cutting profile

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