Loop 1-Prodotti Living-Bencore

Loop – customizable partition element

Loop is Bencore new door and wall system made perfect for the realization of architectural room divider elements for both business and private multifunctional spaces. It comes from the combination of Bencore panels with the GRiD System of Terno Scorrevoli, international leader in the production and distribution of profiles for non masonry vertical walls.

Loop, besides being a versatile vertical partition wall, is a real “organizer” of environments. Thanks to its rack system and its basic modules designed for the most common needs, it offers the possibility to create customizable wall panels through the personal arrangement of shelves, coat hangers and various drawers. In its disposition, Bencore panels in Lightben Mini and Hexaben Small (also in the Mirror version) can be used in a wide range of colors and finishings. With Loop it is easy to divide every area and obtain complete spaces for all needs, such as the division between kitchen and living room, a walk-in closet or even a studio, a laundry room and everything that the imagination suggests.

Available Bencore materials:
Lightben Mini/ Lightben Mini Mirror
Hexaben Small/Hexaben Small Mirror
Crystal-Configurazioni Possibili
1) Customizable Wall
2) Sliding door
3) Customizable Wall with sliding door

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