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Crystal – double glazed partition element

Crystal is the new Bencore door and wall system in double glazing for the realization of architectural room divider elements suitable for both business and domestic spaces and made perfect for the realization of interior design furniture solution.

Bencore innovative double glazed walls come from the combination of Lightben CC core, available in all its colors, with glass skins. Crystal combines all the advantages of Lightben CC with the performances of glass, creating a unique product. In fact, on one hand, the iconic honeycomb structure of the core allows to modulate the transmission of light in terms of intensity and color, on the other, the double glazing is able to exponentially improve the thermal and, above all, acoustic insulation of the environments in which this solution is installed.

In addition to this, the entire door/wall system is equipped with European Bs1 d0 fire certification, making it a product which is perfectly able to stem the spread of possible fires for the total safety of each area.


Available Bencore materials:
Core in Lightben CC or clear + glass skins
Crystal-Configurazioni Possibili
1) Double glazed door
2) Double glazed wall
3) double glazed wall with door

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